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Berlin Again, Helmut Otto Exhibition

We made a short visit to Berlin in Germany to see an exhibition of a renowned water colourist Helmut Otto in the Galerie Forun Berlin, Kollwitzstrassa 54. His paintings will no doubt appear on Artprice in due course as there were some significant sales. His attention to composition and colour balance has yet to be […]

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Famous Paintings In Unusual Places

So? No prizes for guessing where I have been! My host knew exactly what I was talking about and so we visited her enfamillie the next day. Here is the Pub’s spin on her I think I read the true account of her very sad story which seems to have been erased from the […]

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Paul Otto

Paul has been staying with us and showing me how easy it is to sculpt in marble! I only had a small piece which he has quickly turned into a seal, amazing. Paul lives and works in Berlin in Germany, sculpting in a whole variety of stone and other materials. I look forward to posting […]

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Alfred Boucher Sculpture

Musee des Beaux Arts in Pau, seems to be a place that needs visiting soon especially as it has, according to Sotheby’s, the original marble of this beautiful work by Alfred Boucher French (1850-1934). I have mentioned him before and added this to my Top 1000 Sculptures of all time. (and also found here […]

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Garden Open Days Dorset and Art and Sculpture Trail

Have a look at that little poster, the colourful one and you will know what this is about!Martin Debenham, under the Mulberry tree (we are in Debenham country)!A Robert Mileham, installed here for just one day!Other side!Bored resident of the River Piddle”Family feeding; note the different head colour of the teenage spotted woodpecker on the […]

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