Pricing & In Studio

Robert in workshop2

Pricing and Commissions

studio11Pricing is affected by Size, the Medium, the Degree of difficulty and its impact on the highly Skilled labour costs at the Foundry or Pottery.  (The Making a Bronze page gives an interesting insight into this process.)

As the Sculptor, I am involved from start to finish. What I do however, will depend principally on the medium, then the size and complexity of the piece.

The Guide Price given on each of My Works is also to help give some idea as to the price of a new Commission.  It is important to note that a new Commission does not attract a premium and is usually paid for in 2 or 3 stages.  It is best always to contact and chat with me, as indeed, I will always try to accommodate an attractive and fair price for my client !

Editions Explained

DSC_0036I only do"Limited Editions of Nine"(or less). This number was a device to differentiate between Fine Art and Giftware imposed by the American Customs Department in the 19th Century. Everyone of my works is worked on by me therefore within an Edition there are tiny differences. In some works, figures in particular, accessories such as the crown, cup and hair on The Princess Helizabel are made outside the mould process and so can be chosen by the client. This goes for the hair adornment of Anne of Buckinghamshire too. This makes each one of the edition individual.

In Studio


A work in progress early days

Old heads saved from the bin!

In Studio - Old and New Works In Progress in Clay, Wax and Raw Bronze