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Brugge Again

The wooden pulpit is just amazing, the detail and composition is somewhat complex to say the least. It would take a month to give this town’s art some justice. If you happen to visit mainland Europe then don’t miss out on Brugge, the Architecture is worth seeing of course, chocolate excellent and the Art worthy […]

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No prizes for guessing where I got to the other day.  Zeus at the Pergamon five Museums in three days! Just wonderful “Biscuit or Parian ware” Recognise the pose, yep that awful one! hands, hands, hands  and feet too touching pose I really found this moving, believable, perhaps as I have been to sea recently! […]

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Last Week’s Trip

Yes him again, terrible face! Tor Bay I was sorry to leave Brixham, a small but very important Port in Devon. Still supporting a fishing fleet, a Life Boat Station, Coast Guard, Pilots and a plethora of tourist, educational and leisure activities it is a delightful place to visit and I have become very attached […]

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Wellington College

My Brother writes books, here is his latest; though mainly Military History he has been known to deviate! A fascinating account into the first 150 years of an English Public School this book is interesting to Old Wellintonians as it will be to many others. It has some great stories and is written with pristine […]

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