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St Oswald’s Bay Split in Half

A larger than normal land slip is reported to have split my favourite beach in half. These things happen quite often but this is bigger than usual reminding us to tread carefully but the sea will mop it up in a jiffy! See here before:  And now:

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Beautiful Dorset

“Summer goes so quickly was it something that you said….. in the windmills of your mind”…… These is hardly representative of the summer of 2012 but to prove it was not all bad here are a few shots of the Dorset Coast from the sea. This was within a few miles East of the Olympic […]

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Wet And Windy Weather

A national obsession….my little companion hates getting wet, so walking in the rain and boating are low on her list of priorities! The weather has been interesting. A drought was declared not so long ago and almost instantly it rained, and rained and blew, and blew etc.: well we know all that but two of […]

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Four Legged Ghosts

I still hear them calling me when I let the dog out morning noon and night, slightly bazaar as I don’t believe in ghosts, but it is strange. My little spotted pony was 35 years old last month and sadly failed to regain condition this summer. The Shetland was deaf and laminitic, he too was […]

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