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Famous Paintings In Unusual Places

So? No prizes for guessing where I have been! My host knew exactly what I was talking about and so we visited her enfamillie the next day. Here is the Pub’s spin on her I think I read the true account of her very sad story which seems to have been erased from the […]

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Wet And Windy Weather

A national obsession….my little companion hates getting wet, so walking in the rain and boating are low on her list of priorities! The weather has been interesting. A drought was declared not so long ago and almost instantly it rained, and rained and blew, and blew etc.: well we know all that but two of […]

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Jeremy Clarkson

The star of that car show on Dave TV, you know the arrogant one that claims he was expelled at school and now has upset teachers again by recommending they be shot after taking a day off work to save their solid gold pensions, well……… My estimation of him rose a year or so ago […]

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Post Script amd.

I spent that night on board, it was a very still, beautiful moon, no wind, and the tide was barely noticable; all fortunate because I had to go ashore rather a lot as the dog needed to! The result of this was my last post! Thought you should see the funny side!

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Of course you only die once. If you are lucky it’s quick or happens in your sleep. If it’s you that is left, then why not dig yourself out from the deepest loneliness? Find a new life of laughter and joy; it will take time and perseverance. Better to have loved once than never loved […]

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