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Brugge Again

The wooden pulpit is just amazing, the detail and composition is somewhat complex to say the least. It would take a month to give this town’s art some justice. If you happen to visit mainland Europe then don’t miss out on Brugge, the Architecture is worth seeing of course, chocolate excellent and the Art worthy […]

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Famous Paintings In Unusual Places

So? No prizes for guessing where I have been! My host knew exactly what I was talking about and so we visited her enfamillie the next day. Here is the Pub’s spin on her I think I read the true account of her very sad story which seems to have been erased from the […]

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Dr James Fox

If you do a programme on British Masters (Art) for Television and you take the nettle in your hand, you are bound to get stung. So here’s another one from me Dr James. Like all the great and good you stick your neck out. On BBC 4 recently, Dr James actually said that the Art […]

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What music I could write if I had you with me always. (Elgar) The Painting is by Fragonard and can be seen in the Wallace Collection in London (Quote below slightly amended.) A young girl, carves her initial on the bark of a tree, while observed by her pet spaniel, the symbol of her fidelity […]

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