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Brugge Again

The wooden pulpit is just amazing, the detail and composition is somewhat complex to say the least. It would take a month to give this town’s art some justice. If you happen to visit mainland Europe then don’t miss out on Brugge, the Architecture is worth seeing of course, chocolate excellent and the Art worthy […]

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Famous Paintings In Unusual Places

So? No prizes for guessing where I have been! My host knew exactly what I was talking about and so we visited her enfamillie the next day. Here is the Pub’s spin on her I think I read the true account of her very sad story which seems to have been erased from the […]

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Cronin’s Pub

Last summer I was asked to help crew a beautiful yacht back from Ireland. As with all trips I go on there were very funny stories to tell afterwards, but let me start with a real highlight – “Cronin’s Pub”. Apart from the loan of some bedding which was over and above the expect kindness […]

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Last Week’s Trip

Yes him again, terrible face! Tor Bay I was sorry to leave Brixham, a small but very important Port in Devon. Still supporting a fishing fleet, a Life Boat Station, Coast Guard, Pilots and a plethora of tourist, educational and leisure activities it is a delightful place to visit and I have become very attached […]

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Brittany, La France

One of the brighter moments in the last few months was my trip to Brittany, staying with a cousin and then sailing with some friends off the coast out of the Vilaine from La Roche Bernard. I was there when the old boats had their annual gathering and here is a photo record of the […]

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