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Conrad’s wisdom confounds me again

I think you will find Conrad’s post on Art appreciation accurate and entertaining. Sturgeon’s law which John Cowan refers to in his comment is a good one except when applied to the Turner Prize where 90% seems a bit low!

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Wellington College

My Brother writes books, here is his latest; though mainly Military History he has been known to deviate! A fascinating account into the first 150 years of an English Public School this book is interesting to Old Wellintonians as it will be to many others. It has some great stories and is written with pristine […]

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Art, essential reading?

Now I am constantly discussing Art with experts which is unnerving because “like everyone else I know nothing of Art”. I suffer from grumpy old male syndrome and “can’t stand intolerance of any kind”!! These are two books I have acquired. The one on the left send to me by a grateful publisher who needed […]

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