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Not so crazy aims

I think we should all have an idea where we would like to be in 10 years time I too hope it happens in 2, great stuff and Good luck Jo, I think quite a lot of us have the same aim. Have a look at

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Pre Picassan Brotherhood

I have come across an important seed which needs nurture. They have an important point which is gaining ground but not found the “Art Establishment” yet. The Pre-Picassan Brotherhood by Laura Alport …………………………………………………………We have all been taught in our art history classes that the great subjects have been exhausted, that there is “nothing new under […]

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My bit to Chris Miller’s blog comments

Ref I am intrigued by your conversation with Lian Neill. First of all the understanding of your comment (in italics); ………Rhythm and Melody……….. These words point to qualities that I think are sorely missing from the re-birth of figurative art — in both painting and sculpture — where anatomy is (regretfully) accepted as the […]

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I doubt there has ever been a potentially more exciting foreign collection of Art Exhibitions in London than there is now. I am planning a trip to them all and will let you know what I think. Rodin at The Royal Academy Holbein at Tate Britain Leonado Da Vinci at The Victoria and Albert Museum […]

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English Sculpture

If you go to English Sculpture Blog you will find my contribution to study English or more acurately British Sculpture. It is, will be, a very personal view but I hope enjoyable as well as useful. I have yet to learn how to get the pictures to work! Here is the link

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San Francisco Expo 2015

I am hoping that the San Francisco Exposition of 1915 will be repeated in 2015. I am going to push from this end for 2 reasons. Firstly because it looks as if it was one “hell of a good party” in 1915 and secondly because it would be great place to visit and exhibit contemporary […]

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12th October 2006 Lunch Time

I owe this blog to Chris Miller from Chicago USA. I recommend that you visit his blog and website one day. Well there’s a cool guy in a very hot place doing a very good job. See here I am a keen supporter of English sculpture especially those who seem to have faded into […]

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