The Alpine Sculpture

“Kara”, a female of a French gun dog breed called a Korthal Griffin, turned out to be the most endearing dog which took to us immediately upon our arrival at her French home.  She has had an interesting history – she was rescued as a youngster off the mountains nearby and had been living wild with a companion who was also successfully rehomed..
As you can see from the pictures to follow, my client wanted a double figure work; master (the boy) and Kara. The setting is idyllic, a wild woodland garden with a fast flowing stream sweeping around its far border, in a crescent shape, all against the magnificent backdrop of the Alps. The house is a classical alpine chalet that looks down from a height onto the garden.  The duo composition is destined for ‘pride of place’ in perfect sight from the balcony and living rooms.
The boy is talking quietly and affectionately to his willing friend whilst pointing to an unknown quarry some distance away. Kara sits obediently with a devoted expression towards her young master and with a twinkle in her eye.
I have been very lucky to have been given these beautiful life size commissions which are now both off to start their protracted processes of becoming bronze.

Source: Dorset Sculpture

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