Save Your Heart, Excercise!

I have just delivered my latest work to the foundry. Strictly speaking this is an old work which I did for a client some years ago. She has an interesting story. I spotted a discarded colour supplement on the floor of my studio which had been placed there to clear up a wax spill. What caught my eye was a silhouette of a girl on one leg. It was an illustration for an article entitled “Save your Heart, Exercise”.

I rescued it and attached it to my studio wall as an interesting pose for future reference.

Some time later a client came in to see progress on a commission and happened to see it on the wall and without hesitation insisted I make him one! So I did a one off.

I have just completed a larger version of her. She now is 50cm high. The pose is quite hard to do and somehow I feel Save2 is quite special.

If you are interested I am doing an edition of 9 in bronze. Here she is “Save Your Heart, Exercise II in the original clay. 

Source: Dorset Sculpture

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