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Prize Winning Sculpture

Before a tantalising sea, a little girl braces herself before “breaking the ice”. That moment of indecision, when every sinew is stretched, the toes are curled, the fingers are stretched and splayed. Every nerve is alive with anticipation. She has a smile of delight mixed with a gasp. This is a moment filled with tingling exhilaration that we all can recognise. Rodin’s “miracle of life” is being lived to the full.

This work was commissioned for a family who lost their ten year old daughter to leukaemia. Sadly the family broke up in divorce before the commission was completed and she was left in a corner for nearly two years.

Robert’s own elder son and aunt died in childhood so when The Nicholas Wylde competition “heavenly bodies” in The William Herschel Museum was announced, he resolved to finish her and dedicate it to all children who have died young. The general public voted this the best sculpture at the exhibition so winning the “Peoples Prize” in the competition.

Edition of 9

Four still available

84 cm or 33 inches

Guide Price (see Pricing page under My Work) £9,500

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