Gabriel, Dorset Horn Ram

2Dorset Hornsm
2Dorset Hornsm
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Gabriel, Dorset Horn Ram

Commissioned Sculpture For Durngate Street 2000

The polled Dorset was bred from the Dorset Horn which, apart from the Portland, seems to be the only truly Dorset animal. This subject was suggested by a gallery in Dorchester to celebrate the Durngate market celebrations in the year 2000.

Gabriel, who comes from West Dorset, was not pleased to be detained in a barn to “sit” for me. Indeed I was glad of a good number of hay bales sited between us. Dorset Horns are few and far between these days. The horn is a bit of a problem and often has to be “clipped” appropriately or else it can grow into the face. Gabriel was lucky he had a beautiful set.

Number 4 is in New Zealand. They were particularly pleased to note that his tail was not docked.


Edition of 9

25 cm or 10 inches

Sold out

Guide price (see Pricing page under My Work) £1,450

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